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All our products have passed through the highest international standards and are covered by warranty and certifications that are in correspondence with the specifications of the products.

INDEFATIGABLE SECURITY SYSTEMS, INC. offers various products in the Philippines that includes the following:
• Security Systems
• Force Protection Equipment
• Armored Vehicles
• Secured Communications Equipment

body armor

Tactical Body Armor

NIJ Level IIIA Ballistic Multi-hit protection Jacket with quick release. Fully adjustable at waist and shoulders with elasticated cummerbund and mesh liner for ventilation.

fast helmet

Fast Ballistic Helmet

Designed to defend against fragments, ballistic, and blut force trauma, the ergonomic design of the internal harness and padding ensure comfort and adjustability, external rail provides flexibility for additional equipment.

combat uniform

Combat Uniforms

Dri-fit Combat Uniforms 
Comes in Black/Tan/Green/Philarpat (Philippine Army Pattern) Sizes from Small to XXL
(Comes with knee and elbow pads)

gun holster


OWB and IWB gun holsters for law enforcement, military and civilian home defense use.

Armored Vehicle

Armored Vehicles

Armored vehicles for different situations and purposes.

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